We value our clients' experience at Hemet Animal Hospital. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Bernadine Stallings

2/10/15 - Hello, my puppy is a new patient as of today, his name is Tommy. Thank you for being upfront and honest with your prices, while I was given one price over the phone, I knew it would be more, due to his symptoms, thank you for giving  me an honest estimate after you initially saw him and not made me pay for things not needed. To the staff, thank you for being so friendly and caring. I liked the binder with the thank you card you had on display for others to read, that is really cool. Keep up the great work.  - Ana R

Had to have my German shepherd put to sleep today. I can't say enough about the entire staff at Hemet Animal Hospital. They were caring and kind. Dr Fernandez was amazing. Josie was never scared or upset. I am heartbroken but people were wonderful. -Sandi


Took my Bassett hound in as an emergency as he had a fever of 103.8. They could not have been nicer, kinder or more efficient. Thanks so much! -Beth


I found this vet on the internet - and I couldn't be happier with the treatment starting at the front desk and ending with our  Doc.  Every question was answered - kind considerate treatment to both human and animal - If you're unhappy with your current vet; I highly recommend you make an appointment and find out for yourself what I'm talking about.  - Kate H

10/2/2014  I found and find them to be straight forward and very thorough, not at all like the low rating I see here. Ramona charges 25.00 if you don't accompany the euthanasia but 100.00 (same as Hemet Animal hosp) to be there and hold. Perhaps the distraught cat owner didn't hear clearly through her tears...that is completely understandable. And you know we all know that time will come so it's always a better idea to ask ahead and thin these things through way before one needs these services. - SK

8/13/14 -  My cat Henry got an infection that took drain tubes and a one month stay at Hemet Animal Hospital to get rid of.  I'm on a fixed income and the bill was high to say the least.  They gave me a printed estimate when I started treatment and it had a low of $888 and a high of $1,450.  All of the treatment was itemized and I was advised of the cost before I ever paid a dime.  It's hard to believe that the guy with the euthanized cat wasn't given an itemized list, but maybe he's why they started giving written estimates.  Anyway, the final cost for Henry was over $3,000.  I pointed out that they had quoted me a high of $1,450 and they wrote off over $1,500.  They are VERY EXPENSIVE, but they saved Henry's life and that was worth every penny and more to me.  I don't think people realize that they are running a business and it's expensive to have the staff and equipment needed to do it right.If you want to save your animal, I recommend them. - Steve

8/1/14 - Dr Stallings is one of the best vets in the valley.  She is very pleasant to speak with and takes care of all your concerns.  If you wish to purchase Rx's from your own pharmacy instead of from them, they'll call in the Rx for you.  And they have special Rx's that no other vets carry within the area, well stocked.  I've made the mistake going to other vets in the valley where they didn't have the proper meds to treat our dog.   It's your pet who suffers.  Do it right and take your pet to a real vet at HAH.   Plus our dog received inferior dental cleaning where he suffered in the long run, having 5 teeth pulled.  Convinced if I would have had these treatments done at HAH, it would have been performed by professionals and wouldn't have the problems he has today.  Never had a problem that this hospital couldn't handle.  Friendly & professional staff too.

5/20/14 - I recently brought my dog in for a vet check and shots.  Dr. Stalling is the best vet and she did a great job answering my questions and addressing my concerns.  The entire staff is professional, caring and compassionate.  If there were a rating system Hemet Animal Hospital would rate FIVE STARS! - Donna Snyder

9/5/13 -  Dr. Stallings is the only Vet. I trust with my dogs. She has been caring for our animals for twenty five years and during that time she has become my friend. I have the highest respect for her and her husband. They do more than care for your dogs they care for us. Thank you to everyone who works at Hemet Animal Hospital. You are the best!!! Joyce Sexton

3/22/13 - They are outstanding; they remain up to date on procedures and information. They don’t do unnecessary testing; they are compassionate and knowledgeable in their field. -Sharon McComb

12/12/12 - After a horrible experience with another clinic in the area, my expectations were pretty low. After finding out that Primo had cancer and had hours left, the news couldn't have been more devestating. Primo was not only our dog, but my first dog. I loved him more than I loved my own siblings. It tore a huge hole in my heart and my daughter's. I would have never thought I would have such a deep and loving bond with an animal. 

I want to thank all of the staff who were there during this horrific experience, specifically Caitlyn, Dr. Bogner and the lady who assisted her and supplied me with boxes of tissue. My father-in-law said the Dr. cried quite a bit before putting Primo to sleep. Dying around those who love you is better, but having a doctor who can relate and understand your pain is the kindest most loving thing Primo (and we) could experience.

I have never met a vet or staff who cared as much as you ladies did. Thank you for making this experience a little easier do deal with and your kindness. May you ladies have a blessed Christmas and an amazing new year.

Gloria Miller

6/4/12 -  I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of AK, Balou, Saddles, and Holly for the past few days. They came home looking content and happy, and easily readjusted to their home environment. We were a little uncomfortable about boarding, thinking they would be traumatized and return home very angry with us, but that was not the case. We are very thankful to you for taking such good care of our "babies".  Donna Geier

6/4/12 - Everyone was very nice, helpful and caring. They fixed my cat Sassy and she's good as new. They even asked me to call and let them know how she was doing. Was very pleased with everything..Thank-you.. Dawn Parks

5/23/12 - Brilliant doctors !!! Fabulous service. !!!  Wouldn't go anywhere else !!! - Deb M. 

4/24/12 - Thanks so much for the awesome care you gave Rocco today, we appreciate all the info and advice you gave us and look forward to bringing our other dog in for his wellness visit -Krista Israel

3/7/12 - Jackie, Ginger, Duke, Mike, Molly and Chester all love Hemet Animal Hospital in Hemet, CA. The doctors and staff are wonderful. They provide wonderful care. - Cathy Daniels

12/1/11 - Always a pleasant experience.  Staff is extremely personable, friendly and knowledgable.  Our animals always receive excellent care from Dr. Stallings and the other vets at the Hemet Animal Hospital.                           Thank you,Chuck Bolton

11/30/11 - My boyfriend brought my dog Bailey to them because dogs had attacked him. Not one other animal hospital would stay open a couple minutes later while we traveled 40 minutes to get there. I believe things happen for a reason. I am so glad Bailey was taken to Hemet Animal Hospital. They saw him right away. The doctor and the staff are very professional and caring. They do their job from the heart. I was on the East Coast during this time. I was so upset and panicked about Bailey. He is a wonderful Black Lab that would never hurt anyone or anything. All I could think about is the pain he was in. The Vet took time and called me and reassured me he would be fine and his wounds would heal in time. Bailey stayed in the Vets almost a week. They called me every day to let me know how he was doing, Even now with him home, I have called many times with questions and they have always responded back. I just want to say thank you to the staff at Hemet Animal Hospital. I will now be bringing all my animals to you. God Bless!!!!  - Judy McAllister

11/30/11 - Bloo and Max are doing great! Thank you so much for taking such good care of them. We appreciate it more than words can say!  -Nicole Laird

11/22/11 -  trust my animal 100% in the hands of the people that work here. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family and especially taking such amazing care of "CASEY" who missed more then I could ever imagine!!!!!  -Tricia Cripe

11/21/11 - Great Doctors !!!!  Amazing Staff and service !!!!!   - Eric C.




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